The Resurrection Story

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ goes beyond a paranormal event in history. It's purpose was to redeeem man, but it was also used to confound the minds of the Roman soldiers who had witnessed that Jesus was dead before his body was taken down from the cross. It was to stir up fear and fury among religious leaders who blamed his missing body on the disciples in order to cover up their evil unbelief. It was to humiliate those responsible for sealing up the tomb to prevent his escape. The resurrection  of Jesus was intended to divide those who opposed its miracle from those who desired and desperately needed the restoration it promised.

Not much has been written of Thomas in scriptures, other than his apparent lack of faith, and the day when he was changed forever. Jesus appeared to Thomas in his ressurrected body and allowed the doubting disciple to touch his hands and sides. This provided Thomas with the revelation that Jesus was who he said he was, and it proved that he had risen from the dead.

Peter was the first to enter Jesus' tomb, to see the empty grave clothes. Peter suffered bitter grief when he denied he knew Jesus on the night of his arrest. After Jesus' death Peter may have felt  there was no hope for him or for reconciliation with Jesus'. At first, the empty tomb had confirmed there worst fears. But Peter's faith was transformed  when he was lovingly restored back into fellowship following a face-to-face encounter with the resurrected Christ.


The many women who had followed Jesus throughout his ministry had stood shocked and grieved at the foot of the cross. Yet they were the ones to whom angels said "He is not here for he has risen" (matthew 28;6) Among them, Mary Magdalene was the first to speak to the risen Lord that she had faithfully served. Mary stood weeping at the entrance to the tomb until Jesus himself to her. With joy and excitement she ran to tell the disciples what she had witnessed .

The resurrection continues to be an anchor of hope for christians today. Because of Jesus' death on the cross the price for sin has been paid. But as a result of his resurrection, the power of his death and the grave has been conquered. The same restoration that was provided for thise who witnessed his resurection is the same restoration avaliable for those who continue  to believe in its power today.



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