Core Values

Our core values show you what you can expect from the church and what we expect from you

Our hope is that every person would connect with God personally and our first 3 core values help us to get to know him better

Passionate Worship

Lived out in mission and lifestyle. Jesus said the greatest commandment is to worship God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength

Spirit Filled

To delight in the presence of God. To use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel and show the fruit of the Spirit in our lives


To grow through discipleship individually and as a body. To be devoted to the word. To help others grow


We also hope that every person would build loving relationships within church and also in the community. That together every person would make a difference in the world. When we discover who God designed us to be, and the purpose God has for us, and as we step out and do it, we are fulfilled as we make a difference and serve someone else. Our final 3 core values focus on our relationship with one another and the mission we fulfil as a team


To show others the grace God has shown to us, through love, forgiveness and accepting people

Servant Minded

Using our gifts to serve God, the fellowship and others


Giving our time, abilities, money (the Bible calls it tithes and offerings) and resources to equip and encourage others


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